2019 AsianTour Highlights from Panglao Island

Here is the 2019 AsianTour highlight video. BikiniTeam Co-Founder & Filmmaker John Neyrot and filmmaker Chad Sahley covered all the action of our BikiniTeamTour.com trip around the islands of the Philippines in April.

“I have been to many trips before and this has to be the best one yet,” stated Filmmaker John Neyrot. “We had such a great group of people that attended this tour. You will get the sense of how much fun we all had by watching this highlight reel and the rest of the individual videos for the various parts of the tour. I finally swam with the Whale Sharks and also saw a sea snake out on the reef. There was too much great footage to only make one video!”

Our first stop after a quick staging day in Manila was a flight to Bohol. Once on the ground, we were whisked from the airport right to the Bohol Beach Club on a huge bus. Ten minutes later we were at the resort with drinks in hand. We had an awesome week of shooting which you can briefly see in this highlight reel but a longer version of our stay on Panglao Island will be coming in a few weeks.

While at the Bohol Beach Club, we took a day trip on a huge boat over to see the Whale Sharks just off the beach from the island of Cebu. The boat ride was 2 hours so we took advantage of the time out at sea to do a few videos and impromptu photo shoots before were jumped in the water. The Whale Sharks were amazing to swim with as you can see in this 2019 AsianTour highlight reel but a longer version of our trip to see the Whale Sharks including some of the photo shoot footage on the boat is coming in a few weeks.

At the end of the week, we flew back to Manila for the 2019 AsianTour Official Wrap Party which was hosted by Makati Sports Bar in Poblacion. George, the owner, took really great care of our group that night! Thanks George. After a few hours of drinking we cruised over to Ringside to watch midget boxing which is a Manila tradition and a must see event if you ever make it the Philippines. Just tell the guys there that BikiniTeam sent you and they will take care of you. We will be rolling out a video from our time at Ringside in a few weeks.

We also ended up shooting three Model of the Month features during the 2019 AsianTour including Shawna Lee (May) as well as Australian models Bianca Richards (June) and Anna Durkin (July). Stay tuned for more amazing video content from our adventure in the Philippines.